Celebrate 50 Years of Sesame Street with KERA


Fifty years ago, the world met a colorful community of monsters, birds, grouches and humans. Half a century later, it’s still a place where everyone counts!

Through the years, Sesame Street continues to remind us of the importance of their timeless message that everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from, is equally deserving of respect, opportunity, laughter and joy.

We at KERA would like you to join us for our yearlong celebration of Sesame Street featuring some of your favorite characters, from Big Bird to Elmo to Abby Cadabby.


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July — Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Bert pointing, full body, profile view.

Featured character: Bert

In recognition of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, Sesame Street and KERA Kids would like for you to learn more about mental health. Bert is dedicating his birthday month to raising awareness for minority groups living with mental illness.

There are numerous factors that can impact a child’s brain development and mental health. So much brain development happens in the earliest years of life, and little ones thrive when they have lots of nurturing interactions with caring adults.

As you listen, talk to, nurture, and comfort children, you’re helping them grow, develop and prepare for success in school — and in life. Bert and his friends at Sesame Street have several helpful resources and educational activities to support your child’s mental health.

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» Also, take advantage of our free Start Smart text service.

» Read or listen to this story from KERA News about how directories for therapists of color are growing, and why that’s so important.

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