Emotional & Mental Health Resources For Kids

Take a look at our librarian-recommended books on resilience. emotional strength and other topics for families

This toolkit featuring beloved PBS characters has been specially curated to help parents and caregivers explain worrisome events to children and teens. There are also guides for how to help kids de-stress and build resilience and empathy.

On Our Minds is KERA’s mental health initiative. Read/hear our news series The Caregivers. Browse the KERA Helps list for ways to give or get help during the pandemic.

Sesame Street


Social & Emotional Growth Activities from Sesame Street: The resources on this KERA Learn page will help parents and caregivers in supporting their child’s social and emotional growth.

Topics include:

• Emergency preparedness
• Mental health
• Self-care

Learning to Resolve Conflicts with Role Play: Help your child learn about strategies to resolve conflicts.

Self-Care for Parents: Keep these tips in mind when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Sesame Street: Caring for Each Other: Our friends on Sesame Street are sharing ways families can live, breathe, laugh and play during this challenging time. Get quick facts, watch videos and download resource guides.

9 Ways to Help Soothe and Comfort Your Child: Even in times of unease, your family is in this together no matter what. As a parent or caregiver, being kind, patient, and understanding to yourself in uncertain times helps create a calmer family environment and builds children’s sense of security.

Create Your Own Feelings Word Book: Help your child label and understand different feelings with this activity.

Overcoming Fears Through Pretend Play: Talking about a fear and problem solving ways to help your child become less afraid can help your child express their emotions.

Make a Feelings Photography Book: Talk about feelings as you make a photo book of faces to show what you and your child look like when you feel happy, sad, surprised, angry or jealous.

Daniel Tiger

Image of Daniel Tiger

The Daniel Tiger for Parents app: The songs, videos and conversation starters on this app empower parents and caregivers to help their children navigate through life’s challenges.

How to Prepare Children for Unexpected Emergencies: Kids are keenly aware of the expressions on their parents’ faces and the tone of their voices. Children always benefit when they are prepared for what is about to or may happen.

Helping Children with Tragic Events in the News: The way that news is presented on television can be confusing for a young child.

Helping Kids Navigate Scary News Stories: More advice on how to help children understand what they hear and see on the news, from Eric Rasmussen, Ph.D.

How You and Your Kids Can De-Stress During Coronavirus: Stress is a normal, healthy biological response to perceived threats and challenges. But too much stress can hijack our ability to reason through a situation.

Resilience Resources For Older Children

You Are Not Alone series: These videos by Kentucky Educational Television / KET explore answers to depression, anxiety, toxic stress and suicide.

The Power of Sadness in Inside Out: This video breaks down the science of sadness, using the movie Inside Out as a springboard.

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