KERA Be My Neighbor Day 2020 Artwork, Videos & Activities!

Welcome to our annual celebration of caring for community ♥️

Physical distancing is an act of care — so KERA’s annual Be My Neighbor Day was a virtual celebration this year! In addition to watching the KERA TV Daniel Tiger marathon on October 25, families from across North Texas sent the images below of children’s Daniel Tiger artwork, along with video testimonies about what it means to be a helpful neighbor. Enjoy!

More ways to be a good neighbor in 2020:

This year’s service projects: Write a thank-you letter, create a family recipe card and donate to a North Texas women’s shelter
Watch a storytime of Daniel’s New Friend, read by the creator of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
More Daniel Tiger activities, like scavenger hunts!

Thank you to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and its predecessor, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, for inspiring KERA’s annual Be My Neighbor Day.

The Art Of Caring, By Our Littlest Neighbors

Over the last several weeks, North Texas families sent in these neighbor-themed drawings and videos.

Nathaniel and Ethan of Dallas showcase their Daniel Tiger chalk drawings.
Gabriela, 5, from Fort Worth, says her picture’s theme is, “Let’s help each other.”
Juan Carlos, 6, also from Fort Worth, says of his drawing: “With equality and helping each other, the world will be much better.”
Emma, who lives in Tyler, created this Daniel Tiger puppet who walks around the neighborhood saying hi to all his friends.
Evie, who lives in Plano, drew Daniel Tiger on Trolley and a bright blue O the Owl!
Tina Green of Dallas sent a picture of her reading a Daniel Tiger book to her children Theo and Mila at the Dallas Arboretum. “My son loves the show, so we watch, read and sing Daniel Tiger through out the day!”
Maverick drew this picture of Daniel Tiger helping Miss Elaina get her music symbols out of the water 🎵
Claren drew a picture of herself asking her Collin County neighborhood friends to come play outside with her.
Sadie's Be My Neighbor Day picture
Here’s Daniel Tiger at his house with his friends all (socially distanced!) around him. By Sadie, 7, of Grapevine.
To be a good neighbor, Kohlton, 6, likes to pick up litter in his Dallas neighborhood. In this video he shares how others can stay safe while helping keep their neighborhoods looking great, too.
Vincent's be my neighbor day drawing
“Daniel Tiger is in the forest. I like his song to give a squeeze nice and slow because it helps me,” says Vincent, who lives in Dallas and drew this picture.
June's be my neighbor day picture
June lives in Waxahachie. She colored a picture of Daniel Tiger and his friends smiling with each other.
Here’s June again, describing what it means to be a good neighbor!
Elliot's picture
Elliot lives in Richardson. He drew a picture of Daniel Tiger saying “I love my neighbors!” when he met his new neighbor Jodi Platypus.
First-grader Jack from Dallas drew a picture of himself bringing groceries to a family in need. What a good neighbor.
Who remembers the fun and really rainy Be My Neighbor Day at Dallas Heritage Village in 2018? Savannah does! She drew her memories of past Be My Neighbor Day events. Savannah says she is always thinking about her neighbors on her street.
Toby and Finny show us how they practice being good neighbors around their neighborhood in Plano.
Kieyanna, 4, from Dallas drew this picture of Daniel Tiger being a good neighbor by picking flowers for his friends.
6-year-old Callie from Frisco says, “Daniel Tiger is always being kind, so I decided to draw a rainbow and a heart above him because they make me happy.”
Jacob from Grand Prairie drew a picture of himself holding hands with his new neighbors and welcoming them to the neighborhood.
Elliott, 4, of Denton painted this picture. Elliot says he loves Daniel Tiger, and he even dressed up as him for Halloween last year!

Ari, 3, of Southlake says in Spanish what it means to be a helper.
“I put clouds and grass because Daniel Tiger is usually outside and around clouds, grass and trees,” says Eva, 8, from Frisco. “Daniel Tiger is always so sweet and kind.”
Daniel Tiger’s friends — Prince Wednesday, O the Owl, Miss Elaina and Katarina Kittycat — got sick, but in this picture, Daniel Tiger is bringing them groceries to help. It was drawn by Yaseen, who lives in Little Elm.
Javeria of Arlington explains what it means to be a helpful neighbor!
“My picture is about because I love Daniel Tiger so much,” says 5-year-old Burke of Grapevine. We love him, too, Burke!
Leila, 4, drew this picture of Daniel Tiger and Jodi Platypus cleaning up the neighborhood.
Elijah drew this picture of him playing outside with his friendly neighbors in Grand Prairie!
Jack from Burleson drew this picture of the Tiger family. It says “We take care of each other.”

Jack also made this video explaining what being a neighbor means to him!
Sofia, who lives in Dallas, says “This artwork is about helping neighbors walk their dogs, giving food to stray animals and picking up neighborhood trash.” Those are great ways to show care for your neighbors.
7-year-old Talen, who lives in Dallas, says, “We can be a good neighbor by mowing lawns.” What a neighborly thing to do!
A friendly panda is in this picture with James and and his favorite Daniel Tiger toy at home in Coppell. “We can all be friends!” James says.
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▸ Service Projects — Gratitude, Food & Giving

1. Make thank-you notes & cards

It’s important to communicate gratitude to others. Download and print these thank-you cards and notes, color them, write a message of thanks — then give them away! If you don’t have access to a printer, you can create your own card or note with paper, colors, markers and other materials you have at home.

Coloring sheets: Say thank you to the helpers of your community: first responders — such as police officers, firefighters and EMTs — and teachers!
Thank-you note: You can show gratitude to anyone using this printable note.
Thank-you card: Print out this card, fold it in half, color it and write your own message of appreciation inside to someone you care about!
🎵   While making your cards and notes, sing or listen to the “Thank You” song!

2. Mmm-mmm — share a family recipe

What’s one dish or snack that reminds you of your family? Has it been passed down from generation to generation? Or is it one your family recently discovered? Maybe you’ve always wanted to create a brand-new recipe of your own!

1. Print this recipe card.
2. Write down the name of the family recipe, the ingredients, and the instructions for making the snack or dish.
3. Share it with a family member or friend!

If you don’t have a printer, you can create a recipe card using blank paper or an index card, then decorate it.

3. Donate to people in need

See all this year’s beneficiaries
Denton County Friends of the Family — a shelter that provides services to survivors of rape and domestic violence — is one of Be My Neighbor Day’s beneficiaries this year. Can you help this North Texas neighbor? Below are items they need to help the women and children they serve:

You can drop off the items at:

4845 S I-35 E, Suite 200
Corinth, TX 76210

(Google map)

If you aren’t able to get to the drop-off location, you can:

• Shop for and send items from the agency’s Amazon list right here — just choose Denton County Friends of the Family’s Gift Registry Address as the mailing address during checkout — or
Donate funds here

Call (940) 387-5131 or email with any donation questions.

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A note to all our neighbors: This year has been a challenging time for many of us. Use the KERA Helps tool to get assistance from organizations, funds and nonprofits. También en español.

▸ Storytime! Daniel’s New Friend

Join Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood creator Angela Santomero in a very special read-along to one of her favorite books, Daniel’s New Friend, written by Becky Friedman.

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▸ More Be My Neighbor Day Activities!

Enjoy these extra Daniel Tiger-themed printables. Note: If you don’t have access to a printer, you can copy the scavenger hunt items onto a blank sheet of paper. Then take it outside for your hunt-and-find adventure!

Nature scavenger hunt: Enjoy nature with your family! See if you can spot these outdoor items in your neighborhood — bugs, trees, flowers, birds, squirrels, leaves, sun/clouds … and any special item around the neighborhood that catches your eye.

Color Trolley: Color Daniel and his friends riding on Trolley. Get that red crayon or marker ready!

Fold Trolley: Print, color, cut, then fold on the dotted lines to create a 3-D version of Trolley!

Color everyone! Color Daniel Tiger and all his friends.

More coloring and activities: Download and print Oncor’s Super Safe Kids Activity Book.

Activities that require little to no materials!

Daniel Tiger scavenger hunt: Daniel Tiger starts with the letter D. Look around your house and find things that also start with the letter D. Next comes the letter A. Continue finding things that spell out Daniel’s name. Go on a search around your house for all of the items. How many things can you find?

Re-create Daniel’s neighborhood: Create a town with roads and buildings out of blocks. Use toy cars and other objects and pretend to be a community helper, driving around the town and helping people be safe.

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A note to all our neighbors: Join the KERA Summer Learning Challenge group on Facebook! Get resources from KERA and share encouragement with other North Texas families leading up to the next Challenge, in 2021.

▸ 2020 Beneficiaries

KERA is proud to work with these North Texas nonprofits for Be My Neighbor Day:


    ▸ 2020 Partners

    KERA is grateful to these friends for sponsoring the 2020 Be My Neighbor Day:


      ▸ Questions about Be My Neighbor Day? Email

      ▸ Visit KERA’s super-fan collection of Mister Rogers history, trivia, videos, songs and activities.

      ▸ This year has been a challenging time for many of us. Use the KERA Helps tool to get assistance from organizations, funds and nonprofits. También en español.