The Great Thanksgiving Listen


A guide for teachers

One of the greatest things about Thanksgiving is that it gathers together multiple generations under one roof. StoryCorps is asking educators across the country, including North Texas teachers, to have their students record an interview with an elder during Thanksgiving week. Encourage your students to record history!


» The basics

How it works for students: Students age 13 and up choose an elder to interview, choose questions, find a quiet place, and record the interview using the StoryCorps app.

How it works for teachers: Check out the 2017 Great Thanksgiving Listen Teacher Toolkit. It is a complete multi-part lesson plan with guidance, videos and printable materials for leading your class through the assignment. Then, empower students to participate.

If they do, we also ask that you let us here at KERA know so we can track levels of participation in North Texas.

*Note: If you’ve already installed the app, make sure you have the most updated version to ensure optimal interview performance and experience.


» The details



The Great Thanksgiving Listen
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» Project benefits

• Your students’ recordings will live on in the StoryCorps Archive at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, serving as an invaluable resource for future historians.

• The interviews also serve as a priceless piece of personal history for students and their families.

• Students learn to listen more deeply, place dedicated focus on others, and interact with a loved one in a new way.

• Students learn to develop empathy for others who are different from themselves and to find strength in stories of people like themselves.

» Let us know you participated


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