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Congrats to the North Texas students who were nominated for showing exceptional kindness:

Sam W.
3rd grade, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD

Sam is a 3rd grader who is resourceful and is known for taking initiative. Sam wrote a thank you card to a fellow student for showing leadership and being a good example. One day, Sam noticed the custodians carrying out lunchroom trashcans. In order to make their jobs easier, Sam and his grandfather created a cart that would allow custodians to transport multiple trash cans at a time. Sam’s act of kindness was amazing and he continues to do what he can to help others.
Mariana R.
3rd grade, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD

Mariana has a very compassionate spirit and is always willing to help other students in her class. Every Friday, Mariana’s school has a spirit day competition for classrooms showing the most school spirit. Mariana’s classroom would always lose because one of her classmate’s was not able to wear a school spirit shirt because she did not own one. Mariana got permission from her mother to purchase a spirit shirt for her classmate. They wrapped it up and gave it to the student as a gift so she could match the class on spirit day. Mariana also asked a PTA mom if the organization would sponsor a school shirt for her classmate. Mariana went out of her way to solve a problem to help her classmate and classroom.
Pierce S.
5th grade, Richardson ISD

Pierce is a 10 year old who struggles with ADHD. He often finds himself in trouble but has a great heart. A younger boy named Ethan decided to befriend Pierce and accept him for who he is. Pierce high fives Ethan in the hall, they play computer games together, and also walk each other to class from time to time. When an older kid was teasing Ethan, he confided in Pierce. Pierce encourages and motivates Ethan to stay strong and keep his head held high. The bond these two students have created has allowed Pierce to be more confident and self-assured.

Let’s learn kindness!

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“I Do What I Can!” is an initiative for children in grades 1-6 who demonstrate outstanding help, support or encouragement to a younger child … inspired by the ever-helpful character Ramone from the PBS KIDS program Peg + Cat!

Ramone is a cheerful older boy who goes above and beyond to offer a helping hand to his younger friends, Peg & Cat, as well as other characters in the series. Ramone always seems to be there to help solve problems. His signature statement is “I do what I can!”

In that spirit, this initiative seeks to encourage children to do the same. Every child who is nominated will be recognized, and one child will receive an award for going above and beyond. We’re receiving nominations through December 31, 2018.

Do you know a child (or children) who deserve to be recognized for their kindness? Here’s how to nominate them for the “I Do What I Can” award:

Kindness activity calendar

To continue the “I Do What I Can” emphasis at home, help your child participate in this calendar of activities, which highlights kindness, anti-bullying and standing up for others. Download or view a PDF of this month’s calendar here. Some activities have accompanying resources — click to expand the toggled section below to view them.


Dallas Public Library book suggestions

On bullying — juvenile literature:

On kindness:



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