Join The Great American Read From PBS!

KERA is excited about participating in PBS’s The Great American Read initiative, and we’re encouraging North Texans to join in on the months-long celebration of reading and passionate discussion of favorite books. Here’s how.

The Great American Read

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Vote for your favorite book from a diverse list of America’s 100 most-popular novels. Then:

» Browse the Dallas Public Library’s collection of Great American Read books by category: Who Am I?, Heroes, Other Worlds, Villains & Monsters and What We Do For Love.

» Dig into resources to help stimulate a great book discussion

» Take a quiz about the benefits of reading

» Learn about the Great American Read TV series and how and when to watch episodes.

» Save your favorite books from the list on Pinterest

» View a list of the 100 books.

The winning book will be revealed October 23 during the series’ last episode.


Choose your favorite novel

Sign in with either your Facebook account or email address, then pick your favorite book from among the 100 finalists. You can vote for one book per day. You can also vote for your favorite book by hashtag on Twitter and Facebook — get details for hashtag voting right here. Voting closes on October 18, 2018. View PBS’s voting FAQ here.


Library check-out

Browse Great American Read books by category, courtesy of the Dallas Public Library. You can borrow books starting here, too.

» Who Am I?

» Heroes

» Other Worlds

» Villains & Monsters

» What We Do For Love

The list

The 100 novels were suggested by a large poll of people across the country. How many have you read? Explore the list or click through to purchase a book on Amazon. (KERA is an Amazon affiliate partner, which means we receive a small portion of the sale price.)


How To Watch The Great American Read

» Watch The Great American Read trailer

The series explores how and why writers create their fictional worlds, how readers are affected by these stories and what each of the 100 books has to say about the shared human experiences of our diverse nation.

The first episode of the series aired on KERA 13.1 in May. You can watch that two-hour launch special online here.


Reading discussion resources

There’s nothing like a great conversation about a good book. We’ve pulled together resources to help parents, teachers, librarians, mentors, friends — anyone who loves to read — start discussions about books and reading. Engage others with the help of these printable materials:

Take our quiz

Test your knowledge on the numbers behind reading’s benefits:


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